Upcoming Seminars

**UGA is restricting onsite events to 50 participants**

**We have reached our maximum allowed registration**

**We have had a change in speakers; Dr. Spindel has had to withdraw from participation as a speaker. Woolfson Eye Institute is now providing speakers for the two 2-hr morning courses**

COPE Course Topics:

8:00 Corneal Pathology and Surgery A Review and Update, Jonathan Woolfson, MD  (COPE 70745-AS) - 2 hrs

10:00 Preparing Your Patient for Cataract Surgery Ocular Surface and other pre-operative Considerations, Lauren Dyak, OD (COPE 70782-AS) - 2 hrs

1:00 Smorgasboard of Oculoplastics, Sagar Patel, MD (2 hrs) COPE 69112-AS

3:00 Scheimpflug Smorgasbord Justin Needham, M.D. (2 hrs) COPE 69457-AS

Future Seminar Dates:
May 15-16, 2021

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